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Etsy Reviews

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  • Sherryval Disney Cosplay/Costume

    Purchased a $250 custom cosplay/Halloween costume from etsy seller Sherryval (Sherryval, Imogen, SherryImogen) in Sep 2013. Sherryval agreed to ship costume in time for Halloween. After failing to ship the costume on the agreed date, there was no way it was going to arrive for Halloween . She also said she had actually shipped it but was returned to her. This turned out to be a lie as she admitted never having made costume. She agreed to refund me, but stated that she was having financial difficulties. I agreed to delay the refund and work something out where she could maybe make... More...
    Scammedonetsy's Picture   Scammedonetsy    1 Comments   Comments
  • No customer service.

    I purchased 2 items ad seller tracked it under 1 number. I only received 1 item and seller clearly emailed me back that she had no idea what she sent me and what I ordered. ETSY still sided with her. I did pay with paypal and I won, but truly, buyer beware. They can track trash to you and if there is a tracking number, but still email you that they didn't send the items, they will not side with you. Absolutely ridiculous!!! BUYER BEWARE! More...
    bsk123's Picture   bsk123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prohibited items?

    As of Etsy terms your not allowed to sell item that are not vintage, meaning items that are at least 20 years & older. Yet they allow shop to sell new 1.00 store items & do nothing about it. StartathomeVintage sells garbage & sell it too, defrauding people into thinking their really purchasing a vintage item, NOT, how is this fair to all the other seller that actually know antiques & vintage items? Also animals fur is supposed to be prohibited NOT, they allow shops only selling real animal fur. More...
    Theblackgoat's Picture   Theblackgoat    0 Comments   Comments
  • Busy

    This was the only item I received. I paid 47.00 for another order and 37.23 for another but the 30.15 order number 123970734 is all that I received. I have no e-mail just the 866 294 3879 number on my bank acct. and that line is always busy. What happened to the two orders that I was charged? (baby newborn clothes) More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • made order on August 15 finally received the order on december 7

    I purchased robes from OccassionsEmbroidery to make as a gift to my bridesmaids on August 15. i waitied for my order for months finally on the month of december i message the seller asking where was my order and why it hasnt been shiiped. she message me a tracking number but the order was never sent, so finally i was annoyed with all this so i decided if they didnt ship my order by that weekend i would cancel my order, that sure helped but is it really necessary to say you will cancel your order for them to ship it out. but sad to say when i received my order one of the names on the robe is... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    elizabeth2325's Picture   elizabeth2325    0 Comments   Comments
  • New mother ripped off by seller MyWoobyandMe

    Etsy does nothing to patrol untrustworthy sellers. I bought handmade baby blankets for my new baby by MyWoobyandMe. Beware Buyers! The seller Chris didn't follow up after payment and then said she was behind on orders when she finally returned my emails, and asked for more time. Little did I know this meant the complaints and review process for me was shut down . She then'sent' the blankets - but the shipping number was a fake. Because I was polite and waited I had missed the cut-off to complain....... I saw in her feedback similar recent issues but i was unable to leave... More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    Clairele's Picture   Clairele    2 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy has awful customer service

    Etsy has the worst customer service and oddest/worst way of handling issues with ordering items I have ever seen. For those of us using Etsy as "buyers." Etsy offers no help, feedback. will not advocate for you, and they do not even have a customer support PHONE NUMBER that you can contact. I ordered an item from a seller, received the wrong item, and there was actually nothing I could do. Etsy's idiotic response was "work it out with the seller, there is nothing we can do." Well of course the seller didn't want to work it out with me, they already had my... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    pissedatetsy's Picture   pissedatetsy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy will NOT help you at all if you have an issue

    Etsy really is terrible with customer service. I had a issue with a shop that wouldn't send me an item I purchased, and Etsy did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for me. I tried reporting the problem dozens of time to the Etsy website, and they responded everytime with some version of "Sorry, we can't help you, work it out with the seller." Well, where is the customer service in that? I was so disgusted with their absolute lack of customer service that I reported them to the BBB. I will never shop form their website again because if something goes wrong with a seller (and there are a... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    etsysucks123's Picture   etsysucks123    1 Comments   Comments

    I an writing this review for the shop myglitteringworld. This shop mentions in its tagline that it offers handamde unique and authentic jewelry. So, I thought why not give it a try. So, Ordered some jewelry pieces. At first I ordered a glass tile pendant. The first thing i liked about this shop (myglitteringworld) was its detailed descriptions like material used, how its made, even dimensions and also the policies. So, my first product was glass tile pendant and it turned out to be much more beautiful and cool piece of jewelry. Next i ordered a necklace and earrings from its gold gilded... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    suhana1204's Picture   suhana1204    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad experience

    got kicked off etsy before i even had a chance to start failed to reply to their email and well they wouldnt let me log in and deleted me. thankfully i had nothing on there and had nothing to lose. terrible terrible business found a better home with redbubble and deviant art i actually sell on redbubble and they dont send you spam. More...
    kickedout1979's Picture   kickedout1979    1 Comments   Comments
  • Silver Diva - product never arrived & no feedback from seller 6 months down

    I ordered off Silver Diva, 6 months later I had called twice and messaged and this is the response i get: "Frankly I am sick and tired of trying to figure this out for you and waiting for months at a time to get a response from you about your problem. I have never spoken to you on the telephone about this issue. You may have left a voice mail for me, but we have never spoken on the phone in person. Because your transaction is more than 6 months old, we have to ask etsy support for them to issue the refund. I have just written them and asked them to issue you the refund. If they... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    anonboston's Picture   anonboston    0 Comments   Comments
  • policies are bogus words

    why do all these sites like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy have a policy page for sellers to enter shipping, processing, returns, and vital information for the transaction? Either it is a waste of time or there are MILLIONS of illiterate people shopping on these sites. I am a seller with a CLEAR policy page and 98% of my buyer's are (RETARDED) no offense to the mentally handicapped! But who in the HELL just blindly buys stuff without knowing the details and crying later!! Etsy just sucks, they protect their own policy which states sellers must have policies, but wait... they don't... More...
    marpar's Picture   marpar    4 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy allows fraudulent sellers~ Lisa Su

    Lisa Su was supposed to ship an item for a baby shower. It arrived a week late. She instructed me to reject the item and she would issue a FULL refund. I only received a portion of the money back. Both Etsy and PayPal have done nothing to Lisa Su, and have allowed LisaSu to continue to sell on Etsy. I was unable to leave feedback because the transaction was canceled. Beware of both Etsy and LisaSu....and never use a debit card on Etsy. Their Trust and Safety department is a joke! It's automated and a real human will never contact you. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
  • Etsy vendors misrepresent their products

    I have purchased from 25 Etsy vendors so far. Six of those vendors have either misrepresented (lie is such a strong word) their product as "excellent" condition, or wrapped the item so poorly it arrived broken. I'd love to share photos of these. Then when I leave a neutral review for one, the vendor is just vile toward me in their review. I'm afraid I've had enough of Etsy. The customer service is non-existent, the help menu is only for vendors. Nobody to call or complain to even. I had one vendor who sent me a broken (literally bandaged) perfume dauber and... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    MAKTRAVELER's Picture   MAKTRAVELER    1 Comments   Comments
  • Greeting Cards by LeTrango

    The products came in perfect condition. As I live in Asia, I was afraid that the delivery would take a longer time, however, the parcel came 6 days after dispatch. It was very helpful as I was afraid that the parcel would take longer. The seller, Christina, has also been very helpful prior to my purchase, replying promptly to my questions. The quality of the the products were very good. The cards were wrapped and put into a bigger box which was really good so that it wont get damaged. Overall, I give a 5/5 stars for Le Trango! Do take a look at their designs, they're so cute! More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    karisematic's Picture   karisematic    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Customer Service

    I ordered 5 Bridesmaid Dresses from on December 19, 2012. The dresses didn't come until April 8, 2013 and they were not at all what I had ordered. The sewing was erratic, small holes close to the seams, sizes were wrong and one dress, meant to be grey with capped sleeves, was BLUE with no sleeves. I attempted to contact the seller several times and got no response. So I wrote a review, which caught the seller's eye immediately. She instantly contacted me asking me to resolve the isse through Etsy's "Kiss and Make Up"... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    tuffnail's Picture   tuffnail    0 Comments   Comments
  • Did not receive product - its been 3 months

    I ordered a product on Jan 15 - it was shipped and then returned to the seller for incomplete address - I contacted the seller who answered my email immediately and indicated she would reship once she received it back - well that was three months ago - I have been emailing seller every day. Have been promised by Etsy they would interven and issue a refund and apparently every other day i just get computer generated email after computer generated email and now they are saying they cannot refund me Completely unsatisfied - over a $38.00 phone case that no one is taking responsibility on... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    linda212929's Picture   linda212929    1 Comments   Comments

    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Sundaye's Picture   Sundaye    1 Comments   Comments
  • They wont let me sell

    I have tried to sell items that I embroidery on Etsy and they deactivated my account for no reason less than 24 hours when I had made it. I never got an email saying it was deactivated until I tried logging in the next day. I have sent proof to customer service that I hand embroidery the items I sell with photos yet they still wont let me sell any items. I thought this website is for sellers who make their own items...Etsy needs to change there customer service. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    merajaanu's Picture   merajaanu    0 Comments   Comments
  • etsy and their seller falls short

    All my transactions through etsy had been positive until most recently. I made a purchase and the seller never sent the product. I attempted to contact the seller to no avail. I then opened a 'case' with etsy. They 'elevated' my case within the same day. The seller then contacted me. I presume because etsy contacted her. She explained that there had been some serious person medical issues and apologized. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to make it right. I only agreed if certain things were agreed upon. Example: exact date item was to be... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Cristinaga's Picture   Cristinaga    0 Comments   Comments
  • No pride in work

    I ordered an antique, industrial-look tv stand. After waiting 6-8 weeks I received the stand. It was nothing like the picture. It was white-washed sloppily, there was no sanding to give it an antique look and no wax to give it a smooth surface. And the wheels were brand new from Ace hardware; the picture showed a more rusted look. After asking to return the item, sending pictures, etc, I was finally told by Mark that his policy is no-returns but that if I "insisted" I could return the item. It would have cost me a total of $300 for shipping. The piece, physically, should... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    penmom's Picture   penmom    1 Comments   Comments
  • DK Promotional Products/Daniel at PapasGoodOleDays

    I purchased a a American Indian necklace from Daniel at PapasGoodOleDays an Etsy seller in November 2012. I have never bought anything from the internet before and did not totally understand how it worked. I explained this to him. I was extremely disappointed in the piece purchased and asked for a refund and how to best return the item. The piece is not up to the standards that I collect and I explained this to Daniel. He was very rude in his reply and said he did not give refunds because I changed my mind. I contacted him again and explained I had to have major surgery and could we... More...

    I am so angry, words can't even explain! I purchased an item, over two months ago. I've messaged and emailed and they still haven't shipped my item. (Sleepyafternoon) NEVER buy from them. They say, they're college students for some intern thing and I differently think they should probably find some other occupation. Utterly discrased. More...

    NMUNGOVAN's Picture   NMUNGOVAN    2 Comments   Comments
  • False claims

    A scamming buyer filed a false report, stating her didn't receive and item, I tracked it & she received it that day. etsy will not remove the claim off my account, even after I wrote in twice & showed proof the item was delivered.. I am not happy with customer service & the way they treat their seller that making them tons of money.. This is outrageous, hire some help, the company will never grow with lame employee as they have working there. More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • No help

    I get no help on this site at all, they finally take 24 hour to email you back with your concern & it's like they read my message. Did not me at all. I believe they have 3-4 people working there answering emails, no phone, no help what so ever. They need to add a phone & hire people to help you if there is a problem.. Very disappointed in the company.. More...
    Spenditall10's Picture   Spenditall10    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    I have been a member of Etsy since January of 2011. I love etsy and everything that it stands for, I have made over 150 purchases since being a member . I have my personal account and I had another account were I sold jewelry and had that shop opened. However that shop has been closed since May. When the account was closed all of a sudden my personal account is now suspended. I have made all the attempts to rectify this situation. I have a claim number which one of your customer service rep provided me with, however their is no way for me to contact the buyer because the account is CLOSE!!!... More...
    Kay57's Picture   Kay57    1 Comments   Comments
  • Non-delivery of item ordered.

    I too will add my sad little story to this long list. I have never ordered from Etsy, always leery about the process of vendors--anyone, really--slapping up a "store." But friends encouraged me that Etsy was the greatest thing since sliced bread, so I ordered a vintage library drawer from CakePaperDesigns. Paypal took my money instantly, but CakePaperDesigns took her time getting back to me. In fact I had to ask her if and when my order would be shipped. She said she'd been on vacation a few days. More than a week later, she notified me my item had shipped, with a... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    winchester's Picture   winchester    3 Comments   Comments
  • Orange thyme

    I ordered and paid for 5 lip tints...they have little to no color to them, compared to my other past purchases. I have had a GREAT DEAL OF TROUBLE GETTING A RESPONSE FROM RACHEL. I HAVE TRIED REWRITING TO EVERY E MAIL ADDRESS I CAN FIND ON HER. I ASKED HER TO CONTACT ME AND LET ME KNOWIF SHE RECIEVED MY MAIL. I HEARD NOTHING!!!!! Last e mail I RECIEVED was to tell be don't send any more mails, and a sample tint had been sent. NEVER RECIEVED . More...
    Vicki111's Picture   Vicki111    1 Comments   Comments
  • A Photographic Memory

    I ordered a number of articles from A Photographic Memory. I received what I ordered in a timely manner. The seller was very helpful during the ordering process as I do not do much internet ordering and the seller apprised me of the mailing date and tracking number. I am very pleased with the product and process. More...
    njpoz2's Picture   njpoz2    0 Comments   Comments
  • jewels

    I bought a pendant from this seller may 8. They said international shipping could take weeks but still didn't receive anything. Contacted seller twice to no avail. Then contacted easy who said they were sorry to say that they had closed this sellers account. Who is responsible to refund me? They pass the buck and tell me to contact pay pal. What horrible businesses practices. Not buying from easy again! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Chrisweel's Picture   Chrisweel    1 Comments   Comments

Etsy Reviews By Product

Etsy Comments

lynn1332 says: (7 months ago)
Hopefully you will get this post. Fireheart99 Carrie-Ellen Batcheller has excellent customer service, excellent products and excellent knowledge. A five star all the way down the line.

know1ukno says: (1 year ago)
With the help of Trust and Safety Dept., I had a buyer steal two very valuable 18K white gold diamond gemstone rings. Though not part of my add, I even sent certification of main stones. Etsy let the buyer keep me jewelry, and charged me. I am looking for others to start a class action lawsuit and put these criminals out of business. This is NOT acceptable, and unless action is taken, this will continue. It is time to take a stand.
My email is;

Thank you

Newlight95 says: (2 years ago)
Etsy looks great and it's affordable since I'm only in high school. But I hear a lot of complaints and there really the same. The thing Iv spent 5 days looking at comments about etsy and some buyers lie to get there money and the thing they wanted to buy. Some sellers have bad communication and go off for a week and don't tell the buyer. Sometimes the buyer losses what they bout in the mail and instead of asking the postal place they go strait o the seller. And it's not just buyers who complain it's seller to so if both are mad at etsy why don't you just join together and help fix easy so . In the future every one can use etsy and nothing bad would happen. Instead of blaming each others.

Newlight95 says: (2 years ago)
Etsy looks great and it's affordable since I'm only in high school. But I hear a lot of complaints and there really the same. The thing Iv spent 5 days looking at comments about etsy and some buyers lie to get there money and the thing they wanted to buy. Some sellers have bad communication and go off for a week and don't tell the buyer. Sometimes the buyer losses what they bout in the mail and instead of asking the postal place they go strait o the seller. And it's not just buyers who complain it's seller to so if both are mad at etsy why don't you just join together and help fix easy so . In the future every one can use etsy and nothing bad would happen. Instead of blaming each others.

littleloulou says: (2 years ago)
Etsy should be a shamed of their selves, I purchased an Item from Sweet Diaper Cakes and this seller was so forceful and rude.. When I informed seller about how poorly my gift was put together and nothing about was handmade what Etsy tries to preach "Handmade" this seller sold WALMART items at an inflated price I mean jacked up the price dramatically would have been better of buying the same items from Walmart myself and receive 3 gift sets for the price of 1.. Very unethical.. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!! BEWARE

googseller says: (2 years ago)
I'm posting as a SELLER on Etsy - I want the public to know how Etsy treats sellers! I have been selling on ebay for 16 years so have a valid sales site for comparison.

I had been on Etsy for a month and was selling well, although only very small items. Someone purchased two items; paid for them, including shipping. In a few days I start getting "it never arrived you ripped me off emails" that escalated to outright lies, personal attacks, hundreds of lines long! Crazy stuff. Ranting, emotional out-of-control stuff full of #*(&# expletives and threats.

Of course what the buyer wanted was money back - I emailed etsy customer service asking them to remove the offensive feedback (which takes up an entire page!) -THEY REFUSED. After several attempts at getting some action from them, they still refuse, claiming such activity does not violate their standards. What standards? They have only one: MONEY. The buyer has purchased quite a few items at etsy; I suspect she has scammed other sellers to get free merchandise, but Etsy still gets their fees so don't care. Why else would they defend her rants so much that they insist on keeping them posted? They have never said that I have done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, I decided to do a direct comparison with ebay, listing items in both places for the same price and shipping. During one month I sold 12/12 items on ebay for a 100% sales rate. The same period on Etsy resulted in a 0.125% or 1/4 of a percent sales result.

That's proof that Etsy isn't even worth bothering with -

warrema says: (3 years ago)
I used to love buying gifts on Etsy but when I placed an order September 2nd, and after 20 days, still had not received the product, I emailed the Seller. She never responded. I waited two weeks, then sent Etsy an email complaining that I had not received the item. They suggest I contact the seller (uh... did that) or PayPal to resolve the complaint. PayPal tells me they don't handle those types of complaints and to contact the seller... well, two months later she has never replied, I don't have my product and I can't get my money back, and the seller is still selling on Etsy!! I will NEVER shop Etsy again.

warrema says: (3 years ago)
I used to love buying gifts on Etsy but when I placed an order September 2nd, and after 20 days, still had not received the product, I emailed the Seller. She never responded. I waited two weeks, then sent Etsy an email complaining that I had not received the item. They suggest I contact the seller (uh... did that) or PayPal to resolve the complaint. PayPal tells me they don't handle those types of complaints and to contact the seller... well, two months later she has never replied, I don't have my product and I can't get my money back, and the seller is still selling on Etsy!! I will NEVER shop Etsy again.

Dwolfe says: (3 years ago)
Sellers - go somewhere else if your just starting out. Lack of tools, bad/non-existent CS, visibility is poor unless you renew listings often which is expensive over time.
Check the other venues, read the forums and look for the feeling your getting from long time established shops. Google for sites like this and check into the venue. If it still looks good try it, but don't put all your eggs in one basket.

theplaypen says: (4 years ago)
etsy is the worst place to buy. the people who run it are greedy and inept in their management. stay away like the plague, especially if you are a vendor/seller. bonanzle is a new, promising, friendly place to buy and sell. etsy will rob you blind with their uncaring, arbitrary rules.

EstySeller says: (4 years ago)
Esty has terrible CS - avoid them at all cost, set up your own domain and/or go on Craig's list. I've opened an account on Etsy back in January of this year and had an issue with my account set up in that I had sent a few emails to CS to see about clearing it up. After receiving zero response I then sent them a request to close my account and still have received no response. I've looked them up on the BBB site and got their phone number that was listed and called but of course it went to voicemail so I left a message but still no response. They have on my account that I owe them a balance that I don't owe because had they have responded earlier to closing my account this wouldn't happen. There is no feature on this site to where you can close your account yourself but have to send a request to CS to do it for you. It's useless if they don't even respond to your requests.

txkngfish says: (4 years ago)
Not as good as they once were. They are quick to pull your shop when a person flags you instead of researching and talking to you about what problem is and a fix. No phone support and takes days to get prob;em resolved. Admin fatoritism to certain store or people, they get always picked for show cases.

baywatch6 says: (4 years ago)
As a one time seller I find communicating with Etzy almost impossible. I keep getting canned messages with the same responses....I signed up to sell just once and they keep billing me each month for an auction that is no longer running. No phone number to reach them and no live people to talk to and they keep saying they don't have my correct email address....all very confussing. I want away from this very unprofessional company.

Eaglemom says: (4 years ago)
Etsy is great for the buyers but sellers are numerous and get lost in the crowd. Unless you are selling a really unique item you might not want to become a seller. Do you homework and watch the site for a long time before you decide to sell.

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