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Etsy Reviews

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  • Etsy and Dee's custom wreath ripped me off!

    Absolutely the worst Customer service experience of my life!! I purchased a wreath from Dee's Custom Wreath for $68 including shipping. I put up the wreath at my front door which has a storm door. After a few weeks I noticed that the wreath has faded tremendously! I sent Dee's Custom Wreath and email and they stated that since it was in the sun they can not do anything for me!! Not a refund, replacement, 20% off next purchase, NOTHING!!! She stated they do not offer any refunds at all!! So I contacted Etsy thinking they are a pretty big company, they got to help right???? WRONG!!!... More...
    Schmorr45's Picture   Schmorr45    0 Comments   Comments
  • unauthorized charge to my bank account

    Etsy charged my back account for who knows what, and when i finally got a call back, all i got was the run around. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told no one was available. I was very persistent, didn't do any good. Asked to speak to the supervisors manager and was told there was no one available and the only one who could connect me to a manager was the supervisor (who was not available.) I kept telling the csr I would wait for a supervisor, but instead of letting me hold, he hung up on me. And, oh yeah, don't even think about calling them, none of their listed phone... More...
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    kathyk315's Picture   kathyk315    0 Comments   Comments
  • Autographs

    I just started on Esty. No sales yet , but I will start selling. The help people are great. If you have a problem , just call them , instead of leaving a complaint review. If you purchase something and it's junk and you don't want it , why not just call the seller. You have their name and address. Doesn't every member have feedback? Look at it before you buy. You pay .20 to list an item that last for 4 months. What else do sellers want from Esty? Maybe Esty should pay the sellers when they list and sell something. Then there would be no Esty and you could sell you stuff at... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Autographpics's Picture   Autographpics    2 Comments   Comments
  • Late Succulents / Disabled Account

    Etsy has terrible customer service. This is the first bad review I have ever written in my life because this store was so offensive to me. We ordered succulents for our wedding. The site promised a 2 business day turnaround, and despite us having ordered the product 5 weeks before our wedding (and the vendor took our money right away), it was not shipped until just a few days before our event. We got it barely in time. On top of that, when attempting to log into my account, I typed the wrong password twice before getting it right a third time (we all have so many accounts / passwords... More...
  • NYCustoms on ETSY

    Horrible service! Don't buy any shoes from them, their work is sub-par and they DO NOT stand behind it!! Very unprofessional, poor communication if any. Total joke for a company. Pictures they show look great, if you just want to sit your shoes on a shelf and not wear them they will stay this way, but because they use the improper paints and materials they do not hold up. If you want to throw $150 away I will gladly take it!! More...
  • Unsafe/unreputable sellers

    I made a purchase with an Etsy seller on June 11 who started out telling me on June 15 that my order was on the way. Then she said she was on vacation. Then she said she was going to go into her shop to complete my order and it would be ready by June 19. Then she said she was shipping it on June 20. I asked for a tracking number. Never got one. I contacted her again. Then she was on vacation again and would not have my order ready for another week. I requested she cancel the order and refund my $92. She keeps replying "NO REFUNDS". I don't believe anything she's telling... More...
  • easy etsy missing items

    I placed an order for some Pandora charms that I thought was the Pandora site. Afterwards I noticed it was not. It was "easyetsy". It took 6 weeks (came from china) was missing a charm have sent pictures and every detail they requested, haven't received by items or any correspondence from them. I would NEVER order from them. I had a bad feeling when I realized it wasn't a Pandora site and should have went with my gut feelings. They are in china so they are immune to anything here. Beware, beware. Learn from my mistake More...
    zoya's Picture   zoya    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sold out

    Etsy used to be a great site for buyers and sellers, but some shops get much more attention & do much more business than others. Really Etsy is supposed to be a "vintage" site, yet they removed the entire antique Category! There's far too many sellers selling new items, adding vintage to the title does not make the item vintage. Check out the rugs on there, most of them are new from Turkey, really these rugs are vintage? Hah it's a joke. Their search system is way off, you can't find anything your searching for without going through 15,000 listings. I keep... More...
    Fancyfinds's Picture   Fancyfinds    0 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy double standards

    Suzannah A big thumbs-up to your integrity team, for pulling down genuine artisans and promoting blatant violators. Here is a sample: 1) This search: Yields these listings, among others: All from different stores, with the EXACT SAME SNAP, nearly the same descriptions and prices. Did all of them have a... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    vickymasood's Picture   vickymasood    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible company and unprofessional

    I was asked to remove some listings and sent through pictures. I went to alot of effort and did everything Etsy asked me to do even when more and more information was requested as soon as I completed the previous tasked asked. This is incredibly unfair and unprofessional when Etsy simply 'ignored' me. This has been terrible service and its seems there are many many people who feel this way and have been treated very unfairly. Etsy seems to have a very poor reputation. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ally1235's Picture   ally1235    0 Comments   Comments
  • carefully with siyajewelry

    for not delivered items 10 months I have not been able to recover the money from siyajewelry, I've sent a lot of amails, repayment bills through PayPal - all in vain. PayPal could not help me because my complaint was outside the time period. I would be forced to write on social networks -, so that potential customers are carefully with siyajewelry shopping through Etsy. It appears that for siyajewelry $ 53 is worth more than his own reputation. More...
    feels69's Picture   feels69    0 Comments   Comments
  • wreath

    Tried to open a case with Etsy for a wreath not as described by HollyWoodNVines. Ordered in good faith paid $75.00 & was told on at least 5 occasions by seller that they were sending me a LSU plague to attach to wreath. Unable to "open a case" with Etsy since I have already gifted the idea & cannot send a photo. Very disappointed in not just the original sellers lies but Etsy's requirement of a photo. I will never order from any Etsy seller again. Shame on you'll! More...
    (Home Improvement)
  • wreath

    Ordered a LSU wreath from HOllyWoodNVines, thru Etsy. Wreath was not as described or pictured. Ordered as a gift which I gave anyway without the LSU plague. Got in touch with seller and was assured the plague would be sent. after 3phone calls & two e-mails nothing has happened. tried to open a case with Etsy, but no photo available, would not let me open a case Very disappointed in the Etsy treatment. More...
    (Home Improvement)
    yoga1313's Picture   yoga1313    0 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy Consumer Complaint-Mad About Colour Canada

    I have purchased several items from this company; newborn hats, diaper covers. I was waiting for almost a year for this items and they still haven't reached Dubai and I'm sure they never will. The seller Joanne was saying it might just take a bit longer and I was patiently waiting. After almost a year from placing the order I contacted Joanne again asking her if she could return my money-resend the items and the answer was negative; as per shop policy. I would maybe still understand that if Joanne could give me a proof that she has sent the items or give me the option to insure... More...
    branka's Picture   branka    0 Comments   Comments
  • Counterfeit Merchandise

    Believe it or not if you thought ebay has alot of fake / counterfeit merchandise than stay off of Just do a search of "cc" brooch, pin, ribbon, bracelet, earrings, even REPLICA and you will see tons of counterfeit Chanel merchandise. I have tried reported these counterfeit items through the "report item" button on etsy and even writing to etsy's supposed marketing integrity department but etsy REFUSES to remove any counterfeit merchandise on their site. Since the sale of counterfeit merchandise is illegal and etsy REFUSES to remove these items, etsy... More...
    JayJohnson's Picture   JayJohnson    0 Comments   Comments
  • never buy from LavenderbyJuanita on Etsy

    LavenderbyJuanita brands itself on etsy as a wedding jewelry shop. They charge hundreds out dollars for necklaces, earrings and other hair accessories. The seller hss mostly all5 star reviews but i found out the hard way how she accomplished this. I bought $400 worth of merchandise. They where all below expected quality. The necklace broke when i tried it on. The seller was extremely difficult to work with for the return process. She refused to take responsibility. To make matters worse, she cancelled my entire transaction to prevent me from leaving feedback. No wonder she had perfect... More...
    findingtofu's Picture   findingtofu    1 Comments   Comments
  • Geekstertees horrible customer service

    I was looking to get a unique shirt for my fathers for Christmas, so I contacted Geekstertees about getting a customer shirt done. I had asked in my first message what the cost would be before shopping. She was helpful with creating the shirt I wanted and then have me a price $25 $5.50 for shipping. Then when she created the order she told me it would be $30 $5.50 shipping. When I went to check out though, there was an extra charge of $6.35 for shipping. When I asked her about it she calmed that I had not told her I was in Canada, which is why from the start I had asked for the price... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Anonymous0131's Picture   Anonymous0131    0 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy Complaint - bad customer service

    I purchased an item on Etsy, both the seller and myself were given the incorrect tracking number and the item that was allegedly sent to me was actually something completely different that was sent to someone in another city with another name. My item has vanished. Both myself and the seller have tried to log a complaint with Etsy but they have closed the case and will no longer help. They say that the item was delievered, but the trouble is, it wasn't my item. Mine was a hammock and the item in the tracking number was a remote control plane. This item cost me a lot of money and now... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    bnuttree's Picture   bnuttree    0 Comments   Comments
  • Etsy does nothing to protect the buyers.

    I ordered several shirts from a seller for a team event I was competing in. The seller did not ship as promised nor would she answer any of my messages to her. I contacted Etsy and after they made me wait their "appropriate time" and still not hearing from the seller I had to reorder the shirts to have them in time for the event. Etsy was made aware of this but still allowed the seller to wait to the last possible minute. Right before my refund was due to be issued she decided to ship the shirts. Because she shipped the shirts and does not accept returns Etsy will no longer help... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Cres1971's Picture   Cres1971    0 Comments   Comments
  • Never Received Items

    After two smooth transactions through Etsy, I was not worried about ordering 2 pairs of earrings from Janet Galla at TrinketsNWhatnots. When the earrings did not arrive after 2 weeks, I wrote to her asking where they were. Supposedly they were lost in the post. We had a cordial exchange in which I said I would be happy to wait for a new pair. Then she supposedly had trouble sourcing some stones. I still waited pleasantly. Then she stopped replying to my emails. After 3 emails, I made a complaint to Etsy and Paypal. But wait,You CANNOT make a complaint to Paypal after 45 days and Etsy after... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    GillR's Picture   GillR    0 Comments   Comments
  • wedding band sent to another state !!

    I bought from Two Birch a 3 stone ring for a wedding band. I've been waitig for it to get here when I checked the tracker. It says it was delivered 5 days ago to some place in Terrytown, NY! I put my home address in CA, I have no idea where the hell they got a NY address from. Even though they reply pretty quickly to the messages, I'm still here waiting for my ring! Really disappointing for my first time using Etsy. Never again will I go through them. Hopefully I atleast get this fixed and I get my ring ! ugh! More...
    shmeph's Picture   shmeph    0 Comments   Comments
  • Item never recieved

    I ordered a Seattle Seahawks blanketon June 13,2014 from Blankets Unlimited in Chesapeake, VA owned by Whitney Martin. I paid $72.00 and the item was to ship on July 11,2014. It is now August 10,2014! I have sent several emails and no response. I am really put out with this kind of service. Order #144184210 Transaction ID #207640876 All I want is my blanket or my money back. More...
  • seller on Etsy

    Bought and returned items from a vendor on ETSY. but never was refunded my money. Opened a claim with ETSY, they basically told me to work it out with the seller. 35 emails back and forth with the seller stating they will refund me which I Never got and Etsy is continuing to tell me to work it out with the seller. ETSY does not hold their vendors accountable and does not help the buyers. Was never informed I could try to recoup my money through Paypal. They now are telling me it's past the 60 days for them to do anything to help me even though I followed exactly what I was told to do... More...
  • Belly Bans

    I ordered $19.50 dollars worth from mypetzplace and the money came out of my paypal account but I have never received my items. Let her a message but have not heard from her. Do not know where to go from here. I plan on contacting Paypal. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! More...
  • Never received

    I spent several hundreds of dollars ordering a stained glass window from karenmiles on etsy... and after several months of asking, she kept saying it was coming, and it never did. Etsy only allows you to post a review within like 60 days of purchase when she had not even BEGUN the item, according to her. Will never know if she even tried but I got only sympathy from Etsy but nothing else, and certainly no refund from the seller. Etsy does not hold its vendors accountable to the purchase AT ALL--period. If someone doesn't fulfill a paid order, that is basically your problem. Avoid... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    cmrkiddoc's Picture   cmrkiddoc    0 Comments   Comments
  • ArtisticAfterthought's cat tower is the BEST

    I wanted to post this on etsy itself, but I bought the item before the shop went live, so the site won't let me ugh. ANYWAY, I love love love this item and needed to gush somewhere, so thank goodness this site's here! This cat tower is really a gorgeous accent piece that happens to be cat-friendly as well. I live in a studio apartment, and my poor kitty doesn't have much room to play, so he really loves hopping around on this tower! And I love how pretty it is :-) Seriously, the other cat towers on etsy are merely practical. This one is beautiful AND a great cat toy. A... More...
    astralcolt's Picture   astralcolt    0 Comments   Comments
  • ITEM never received

    I am making my complaints known - my daughter ordered me a grandma's necklace through your website. It didn't cost a lot of money, but it was a lot of money for her. She ordered a week before Mothers Day, so she knew it would be later. But according to the tracking statement, I should have received it yesterday. I have contacted UPS and now I am contacting you. She was charged on her credit card as soon as she ordered it. The necklace has never come. I have checked my mail box - the apartment leasing office - if the package was too big for my mailbox and I have gotten... More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    joytx's Picture   joytx    2 Comments   Comments
  • I was ordered a glasses from Takemoto. It was horrible experience.

    I was order a handmade glasses from this designer. This is first time I in Etsy. I wanted to change the frame from the previous order. Also I did top up the balance because the frame was more expensive than the previous one. He was nasty and not friendly at all. After all he not reply my email anymore. I was worry so I decide to cancel the order. He start to get even more nasty and scold me "stupid" Australia chinese. Very disappointed with him. After the refund he still using Etsy email to argue with me and insulted me as a useless australian chinese. What is going on this this... More...
    kathy12345's Picture   kathy12345    0 Comments   Comments
  • Iamfinebydesign owner is insulting

    I ordered a sweatshirt online, found out it would not ship for 2 weeks. I emailed to ask why and started to receive condescending emails, telling me I should LEARN to read the shipping policies. Many nasty emails followed, all insulting to me. Owner cancelled order and said I would be refunded and told me to "kindly get lost!" I told her I still have no refund pending, and she emailed me info and said she had rocks in her yard smarter than me. She is the most unprofessional business person I have ever dealt with and I'm tired of her tirades. More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Onelemrac's Picture   Onelemrac    1 Comments   Comments
  • Sherryval Disney Cosplay/Costume

    Purchased a $250 custom cosplay/Halloween costume from etsy seller Sherryval (Sherryval, Imogen, SherryImogen) in Sep 2013. Sherryval agreed to ship costume in time for Halloween. After failing to ship the costume on the agreed date, there was no way it was going to arrive for Halloween . She also said she had actually shipped it but was returned to her. This turned out to be a lie as she admitted never having made costume. She agreed to refund me, but stated that she was having financial difficulties. I agreed to delay the refund and work something out where she could maybe make... More...
    Scammedonetsy's Picture   Scammedonetsy    1 Comments   Comments
  • No customer service.

    I purchased 2 items ad seller tracked it under 1 number. I only received 1 item and seller clearly emailed me back that she had no idea what she sent me and what I ordered. ETSY still sided with her. I did pay with paypal and I won, but truly, buyer beware. They can track trash to you and if there is a tracking number, but still email you that they didn't send the items, they will not side with you. Absolutely ridiculous!!! BUYER BEWARE! More...
    bsk123's Picture   bsk123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prohibited items?

    As of Etsy terms your not allowed to sell item that are not vintage, meaning items that are at least 20 years & older. Yet they allow shop to sell new 1.00 store items & do nothing about it. StartathomeVintage sells garbage & sell it too, defrauding people into thinking their really purchasing a vintage item, NOT, how is this fair to all the other seller that actually know antiques & vintage items? Also animals fur is supposed to be prohibited NOT, they allow shops only selling real animal fur. More...
    Theblackgoat's Picture   Theblackgoat    0 Comments   Comments
  • Busy

    This was the only item I received. I paid 47.00 for another order and 37.23 for another but the 30.15 order number 123970734 is all that I received. I have no e-mail just the 866 294 3879 number on my bank acct. and that line is always busy. What happened to the two orders that I was charged? (baby newborn clothes) More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • made order on August 15 finally received the order on december 7

    I purchased robes from OccassionsEmbroidery to make as a gift to my bridesmaids on August 15. i waitied for my order for months finally on the month of december i message the seller asking where was my order and why it hasnt been shiiped. she message me a tracking number but the order was never sent, so finally i was annoyed with all this so i decided if they didnt ship my order by that weekend i would cancel my order, that sure helped but is it really necessary to say you will cancel your order for them to ship it out. but sad to say when i received my order one of the names on the robe is... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    elizabeth2325's Picture   elizabeth2325    0 Comments   Comments
  • New mother ripped off by seller MyWoobyandMe

    Etsy does nothing to patrol untrustworthy sellers. I bought handmade baby blankets for my new baby by MyWoobyandMe. Beware Buyers! The seller Chris didn't follow up after payment and then said she was behind on orders when she finally returned my emails, and asked for more time. Little did I know this meant the complaints and review process for me was shut down . She then'sent' the blankets - but the shipping number was a fake. Because I was polite and waited I had missed the cut-off to complain....... I saw in her feedback similar recent issues but i was unable to leave... More...
    (Parenting, Nannies, Babies, Family)
    Clairele's Picture   Clairele    2 Comments   Comments

Etsy Reviews By Product


Etsy Comments

Jeremih says: (3 years ago)
I placed an order from Lilladybug Creations, vendor Wendy Bowen through Etsy. I placed an order for a customized t-shirt for my son's birthday party. I was in contact with Wendy Bowen through email. One of the converstaions we had was about the date she would have the item shipped by. Two days before the party I emailed Wendy and asked about the tracking number because it was around the time I was expecting the package. Wendy responded back saying I haven't recieved a tracking number because she hasn't shipped the package and that she was planning on shipping it out that afternoon. Now, in the conversation we had previously Wendy Bowen stated the order would be shipped no later than the second. Here it is the fifth of February and the item still has not been shipped. I asked that she just keep the item andn give me a refund. Wendy Bowen replied there are no refunds on customized items. I said can she upgrade the shippiong to next day, but I said I still may not recieve the package on Saturday early enough for the party. The next thing I know I recieved an email saying my account has been refunded and Wendy emailed me saying next time you need to state the date you need the order. She totally denied the conversation we had through email saying when my package was going to be switched. So I fowarded that conversation to her. She didn't respond.

uptownlaila says: (3 years ago)
Etsy suspended my account because they think my products are not made by me.I even sent id proofs for the same that i am an ARTISAN by profession and have an Identity card by the Ministry of Textiles,Govt.of India,whereby the me special privileges to sell my handmade/handcrafted products in India and abroad.Only few number of people in the country are given such privileges and I am one of those.

Etsy concluded that they must revoke my selling privileges permanently,and they are unable to reconsider the decision once it is taken.

I know so many fraud sellers who are selling machine made products on etsy..and they are allowed.
Shame on etsy for stopping genuine craftsperson!

sammyhagarisnumber1 says: (4 years ago)
I purchase a rug from Rogue Rugz the owner is Gabrielle. DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM HER!!!! Horrible customer service....I asked her if the rug was 100 washable(NOT) the entire rug was glued....yes glued....who glues rugs!?!?!?! she said she would make another one free of charge and sew it....give her one week she said.... when I would try to contact her I would get no E-mail back....She is a fraud! I gort ahold of Etsy they said its between me and her since its been over two months. I called my credit card comp they gave me a refund..Thank Goodness because I would have been taking her ass to court!!!

lynn1332 says: (5 years ago)
Hopefully you will get this post. Fireheart99 Carrie-Ellen Batcheller has excellent customer service, excellent products and excellent knowledge. A five star all the way down the line.

know1ukno says: (5 years ago)
With the help of Trust and Safety Dept., I had a buyer steal two very valuable 18K white gold diamond gemstone rings. Though not part of my add, I even sent certification of main stones. Etsy let the buyer keep me jewelry, and charged me. I am looking for others to start a class action lawsuit and put these criminals out of business. This is NOT acceptable, and unless action is taken, this will continue. It is time to take a stand.
My email is;

Thank you

Newlight95 says: (6 years ago)
Etsy looks great and it's affordable since I'm only in high school. But I hear a lot of complaints and there really the same. The thing Iv spent 5 days looking at comments about etsy and some buyers lie to get there money and the thing they wanted to buy. Some sellers have bad communication and go off for a week and don't tell the buyer. Sometimes the buyer losses what they bout in the mail and instead of asking the postal place they go strait o the seller. And it's not just buyers who complain it's seller to so if both are mad at etsy why don't you just join together and help fix easy so . In the future every one can use etsy and nothing bad would happen. Instead of blaming each others.

Newlight95 says: (6 years ago)
Etsy looks great and it's affordable since I'm only in high school. But I hear a lot of complaints and there really the same. The thing Iv spent 5 days looking at comments about etsy and some buyers lie to get there money and the thing they wanted to buy. Some sellers have bad communication and go off for a week and don't tell the buyer. Sometimes the buyer losses what they bout in the mail and instead of asking the postal place they go strait o the seller. And it's not just buyers who complain it's seller to so if both are mad at etsy why don't you just join together and help fix easy so . In the future every one can use etsy and nothing bad would happen. Instead of blaming each others.

littleloulou says: (6 years ago)
Etsy should be a shamed of their selves, I purchased an Item from Sweet Diaper Cakes and this seller was so forceful and rude.. When I informed seller about how poorly my gift was put together and nothing about was handmade what Etsy tries to preach "Handmade" this seller sold WALMART items at an inflated price I mean jacked up the price dramatically would have been better of buying the same items from Walmart myself and receive 3 gift sets for the price of 1.. Very unethical.. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER!! BEWARE

googseller says: (7 years ago)
I'm posting as a SELLER on Etsy - I want the public to know how Etsy treats sellers! I have been selling on ebay for 16 years so have a valid sales site for comparison.

I had been on Etsy for a month and was selling well, although only very small items. Someone purchased two items; paid for them, including shipping. In a few days I start getting "it never arrived you ripped me off emails" that escalated to outright lies, personal attacks, hundreds of lines long! Crazy stuff. Ranting, emotional out-of-control stuff full of #*(&# expletives and threats.

Of course what the buyer wanted was money back - I emailed etsy customer service asking them to remove the offensive feedback (which takes up an entire page!) -THEY REFUSED. After several attempts at getting some action from them, they still refuse, claiming such activity does not violate their standards. What standards? They have only one: MONEY. The buyer has purchased quite a few items at etsy; I suspect she has scammed other sellers to get free merchandise, but Etsy still gets their fees so don't care. Why else would they defend her rants so much that they insist on keeping them posted? They have never said that I have done anything wrong.

Meanwhile, I decided to do a direct comparison with ebay, listing items in both places for the same price and shipping. During one month I sold 12/12 items on ebay for a 100% sales rate. The same period on Etsy resulted in a 0.125% or 1/4 of a percent sales result.

That's proof that Etsy isn't even worth bothering with -

warrema says: (8 years ago)
I used to love buying gifts on Etsy but when I placed an order September 2nd, and after 20 days, still had not received the product, I emailed the Seller. She never responded. I waited two weeks, then sent Etsy an email complaining that I had not received the item. They suggest I contact the seller (uh... did that) or PayPal to resolve the complaint. PayPal tells me they don't handle those types of complaints and to contact the seller... well, two months later she has never replied, I don't have my product and I can't get my money back, and the seller is still selling on Etsy!! I will NEVER shop Etsy again.

warrema says: (8 years ago)
I used to love buying gifts on Etsy but when I placed an order September 2nd, and after 20 days, still had not received the product, I emailed the Seller. She never responded. I waited two weeks, then sent Etsy an email complaining that I had not received the item. They suggest I contact the seller (uh... did that) or PayPal to resolve the complaint. PayPal tells me they don't handle those types of complaints and to contact the seller... well, two months later she has never replied, I don't have my product and I can't get my money back, and the seller is still selling on Etsy!! I will NEVER shop Etsy again.

Dwolfe says: (8 years ago)
Sellers - go somewhere else if your just starting out. Lack of tools, bad/non-existent CS, visibility is poor unless you renew listings often which is expensive over time.
Check the other venues, read the forums and look for the feeling your getting from long time established shops. Google for sites like this and check into the venue. If it still looks good try it, but don't put all your eggs in one basket.

theplaypen says: (8 years ago)
etsy is the worst place to buy. the people who run it are greedy and inept in their management. stay away like the plague, especially if you are a vendor/seller. bonanzle is a new, promising, friendly place to buy and sell. etsy will rob you blind with their uncaring, arbitrary rules.

EstySeller says: (8 years ago)
Esty has terrible CS - avoid them at all cost, set up your own domain and/or go on Craig's list. I've opened an account on Etsy back in January of this year and had an issue with my account set up in that I had sent a few emails to CS to see about clearing it up. After receiving zero response I then sent them a request to close my account and still have received no response. I've looked them up on the BBB site and got their phone number that was listed and called but of course it went to voicemail so I left a message but still no response. They have on my account that I owe them a balance that I don't owe because had they have responded earlier to closing my account this wouldn't happen. There is no feature on this site to where you can close your account yourself but have to send a request to CS to do it for you. It's useless if they don't even respond to your requests.

txkngfish says: (8 years ago)
Not as good as they once were. They are quick to pull your shop when a person flags you instead of researching and talking to you about what problem is and a fix. No phone support and takes days to get prob;em resolved. Admin fatoritism to certain store or people, they get always picked for show cases.

baywatch6 says: (8 years ago)
As a one time seller I find communicating with Etzy almost impossible. I keep getting canned messages with the same responses....I signed up to sell just once and they keep billing me each month for an auction that is no longer running. No phone number to reach them and no live people to talk to and they keep saying they don't have my correct email address....all very confussing. I want away from this very unprofessional company.

Eaglemom says: (8 years ago)
Etsy is great for the buyers but sellers are numerous and get lost in the crowd. Unless you are selling a really unique item you might not want to become a seller. Do you homework and watch the site for a long time before you decide to sell.

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